Elf Bar 600 Puffs

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Elf Bar 600 Puffs Strawberry Kiwi Flavor Disposable Vape UK is pre-loaded up with a couple of delicious organic product flavors with notes of new S...
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Introducing the Bnana Mango Elf Bar 600 V2 Puffs Disposable Vape – a tropical fusion that's here to transport your senses to a sun-kissed paradise....
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Elf Bar 600 Puffs Strawberry Banana Flavor Disposable Vape UK is pre-loaded up with a new Strawberry and a ready Banana flavor for an exemplary fru...
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Elf Bar 600 Puffs Lychee Ice Flavor Disposable Vape UK is pre-loaded up with a particularly fascinating and sweet Lychee flavor mixed with cooling ...
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Elf Bar 600 Puffs Elf Berg Flavor Disposable Vape UK is pre-loaded up with a hypnotizing Mixed Berry flavor adjusted by a calming wave of Menthol. ...
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Elf Bar 600 Puffs Cotton Candy Ice Now called (P&B CLOUDD) Flavor Disposable Vape UK includes a sweet newly turned Cotton Candy flavor mixed in...
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Introducing the Blueberry Kiwi Elf Bar 600 V2 Puffs Disposable Vape – a sensational blend of succulent blueberries and tangy kiwi that's de...
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Introducing the Apple Watermelon Elf Bar 600 V2 Puffs Disposable Vape – a delightful fusion of orchard-fresh apples and juicy watermelons that's de...
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Introducing the Lemon Lime Elf Bar 600 V2 Puffs Disposable Vape – a zesty and refreshing vaping experience that's designed to awaken your taste bud...
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Introduction: Elf Bar 

elf bar 600 disposable vape device all flavors

Welcome to the world of ELF Bar, a leading name in the vaping industry, setting the standard for disposable vapes, rechargeable pod kits, and exquisite Elf Liq nic salts. Since its establishment in 2018, ELF Bar has emerged as a trailblazer in vaping innovation, introducing products that have garnered widespread acclaim among vapers worldwide.Elf Bar has been at the forefront of vaping evolution

Elf Bar : Diverse Range

ELF Bar Disposables

elf bar disposablesThe ELF Bar 600 series, including the latest ELF Bar 600 V2 with QUAQ mesh coil, has given the vapers the simplicity and taste. With each device pre-charged and pre-filled, users can enjoy up to 600 puffs, equivalent to approximately 20 cigarettes. This range is particularly popular among ex-smokers transitioning to vaping due to its low maintenance and great taste.

Elf Bar Pre-Filled Pod Systems

elf bar ELA prefilled pod kit

Building on the success of their disposables, ELF Bar offers environmentally friendly pre-filled pod systems. The Elf Bar Mate500, a USB-C rechargeable pod kit, and the ELF Bar ELFA pod system provide users with options that combine sustainability with ease of use. The ELFA Pro pod kit, equipped with the QUAQ mesh coil, ensures a richer flavor and a smoother vaping experience.

Elf Bar LIQUID Nicotine Salts

ELFLIQ Eliquid Elf Bar

ELF Bar extends its range to include affordable nicotine salt e-liquids in 10ml bottles, meeting the needs of refillable pod kit users. With 27 flavors and options for 10mg or 20mg nicotine strength, ELFLIQ flavors replicate the most popular choices from ELF Bar's disposable and pre-filled kits. This move allows vapers to enjoy the signature ELF Bar flavors in a more economical and environmentally friendly refillable setup.

Design : Elf Bar 600 & Elf Bar 600 V2

Leak-Free Innovation
elf bar leak free vape disposable device

Say goodbye to messy leaks! The ELFBAR 600 and Elf Bar 600 V2 features a leak-free design with a separate liquid storage cotton tank, ensuring that every drop of e-liquid is contained securely. This innovation not only preserves your vape but also enhances the overall vaping experience.

User-Friendly and Portable
Designed for ease of use and portability, the ELFBAR 600 boasts a cylindrical design with an ergonomic mouth tip. Its 550mAh pre-charged battery ensures up to 600 puffs, making it a reliable companion throughout the day. The draw activation eliminates the need for buttons, preventing accidental activation in your pocket or purse.

QUAQ Mesh Coils

elf bar 600 V2 all flavors

The latest additions to the Elf Bar lineup, the ELF Bar 600 V2 and ELFA Pro system, showcase the brand's commitment to technological advancement. Adopting the QUAQ Mesh Coils, these innovative coils offer an improved flavor experience, consistent vapor production, and an extended lifespan. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced vaper, the reliability and superior performance of QUAQ Mesh Coils are sure to impress.

Specifications Elf Bar 600 and Elf Bar 600 V2

Elf Bar 600 V2 and Elf Bar 600 Specifications

Flavors : Elf Bar 600 and Elf Bar 600 V2

At present, the original Elf Bar 600 range boasts a diverse collection of 28 flavors, excluding discontinued options and the limited-time Christmas editions. This extensive range encompasses various flavor categories, ranging from drinks and fruits to tobacco and menthol. 

Blueberry Kiwi Elf Bar 600 V2
Apple Watermelon Elf Bar 600 V2
Lemon Lime Elf Bar 600 V2
Mojito Elf Bar 600 V2
Rinbo Cloudd Elf Bar 600 V2
Grape Raspberry Elf Bar 600 V2
Banana Mango Elf Bar 600 V2
Banana Ice Elf Bar 600
Blue Razz Lemonade Elf Bar 600
Blueberry Elf Bar 600
Blueberry Sour Raspberry Elf Bar 600
Cotton Candy Ice Elf Bar 600
Cola Elf Bar 600
Cream Tobacco Elf Bar 600
Energy Ice Elf Bar 600
Grape Elf Bar 600
Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava Elf Bar 600
Lychee Ice Elf Bar 600
Pink Grapefruit Elf Bar 600
Pink Lemonade Elf Bar 600
Strawberry Ice Elf Bar 600
Strawberry Elfbull Elf Bar 600
Strawberry Kiwi Elf Bar 600
Strawberry Ice Cream Elf Bar 600
Spearmint Elf Bar 600
Watermelon Elf Bar 600
Cherry Cola Elf Bar 600
Mango Milk Ice Elf Bar 600
Cherry Elf Bar 600
Coconut Melon Elf Bar 600
Lemon Tart Elf Bar 600
Blueberry Raspberry Elf Bar 600
Strawberry Banana Elf Bar 600
Elf Berg Elf Bar 600
Peach Ice Elf Bar 600
Pineapple Peach Mango Elf Bar 600
Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice Elf Bar 600
Mad Blue Elf Bar 600
Gummy Bear Elf Bar 600
Blueberry Cherry Cranberry Elf Bar 600
Elfsuka Elf Bar 600
Pink Grape Fruit Elf Bar 600
Mango Elf Bar 600



Checkout some hottest selling Elf Bar 600 Flavors at vapeoffers.co.uk of 2023


Elf Bar 600 Watermelon flavour disposable vape


Grape Elf bar 600 disposable vape

Strawberry Ice

strawberry ice elf bar 600 disposable vape


How does this array compare to the new Elf Bar 600 V2 flavors?

The Elf Bar V2 makes its debut with an initial offering of 20 flavors, aligning with the 20 most popular choices from its predecessor. This selection includes well-loved options such as BlueBerry Kiwi, Apple Watermelon, and Banana Mango.

Following the launch, an additional eight flavors were introduced to the Elf Bar V2, bringing the total to 28 distinctive options. Unlike the initial 20, these eight flavors will not serve as direct replacements but instead offer original and unique taste experiences. Keep a lookout for the release if you're eager to explore novel flavors. It's worth noting that some of the flavors comparable to the original Elf Bar may exhibit different taste profiles in the V2, and in our assessment, different equates to an enhanced experience in every instance.

Quality and Safety with Elf Bar 600 and Elf Bar 600 V2

At vapeoffers.co.uk, we prioritize quality and innovation. The Elf Bar 600 and Elf Bar 600 V2 is meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards, providing a leakproof device and a consistent flavor experience throughout its usage. The device is compact, portable, and ready to use without the need for charging—simply take a draw, and the battery activates, heating the coil to vaporize the e-liquid.
At vapoffers.co.uk we provide authentic and original products from the most authentic sources in UK.

To verify any Elf Bar product you can follow the following link VERIFY YOUR PRODUCT


How many cigarettes are in an Elf Bar?

According to elfbar.co.uk, Elf Bar 600 and Elf bar 600 V2 is equal to 20 cigarettes for an average smoker

How Long Does an Elf Bar Last?

Capable of delivering up to 600 puffs, each Elf Bar can outlast 20 cigarettes. 

When Do I Need to Change My Elf Bar?

When your Elf Bar runs out of liquid, it will cease producing vapor, indicating it's time for a replacement. While Elf Bar disposables are not refillable or rechargeable, explore our range of refillable kits

What nicotine strength are Elf Bars available in?

Elf Bar come in 20 mg, 10 mg, and 0 mg nicotine strengths, offering a wide array of flavors for each strength.

What is the difference between Elf Bar 600 and Elf Bar 600 V2?

Well, The major difference is in the design and mesh technology. Elf Bar 600 uses standard single coil whereas Elf Bar 600 V2 uses QUAQ mesh coil enhancing the vaping experience multiple folds.

How to Dispose of Elf Bar 600 and Elf Bar 600 V2?

To dispose off this vape safely. You can follow the instructions mentioned here (https://www.elfbar.co.uk/recycling)

How to check the authenticity of Elf bar Product?

At vapeoffers, We take pride in delivering authentic products from renowned suppliers in UK, you can verify your product here, VERIFY YOUR PRODUCT

Where to buy Elf Bar 600 and Elf Bar V2 in UK?

You are at the right place if you are reading this. At vapeoffers we offer these disposable vapes at flat 40% off. Lowest price guaranteed.