Elux ENE Legend 3500 Blueberry Lemonade

Elux ENE Legend 3500 Blueberry Lemonade

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Introducing the Elux ENE Legend, a vaping sensation that offers an impressive 3500 puffs of pure delight. With a tantalizing fusion of Blueberry and Lemonade, this flavour combination is nothing short of legendary. The succulent Blueberry bursts with sweetness, perfectly balanced by the zesty and refreshing notes of Lemonade. Every draw takes you on a journey through a symphony of fruity and citrusy flavours, creating an exquisite vaping experience. The ENE Legend's design is both sleek and practical, making it easy to enjoy this delectable blend on the go. Elevate your vaping game with Elux ENE Legend and let the harmonious dance of Blueberry and Lemonade invigorate your senses with each and every puff.Product contain 0 mg nicotine.

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